1 day SPA Package

This basic program will help you to understand the concept of NVC SIGNATURE THERAPIES and customize your particular needs base on your blood type and specific condition of your health. Health Assessment: 2-Hour Session Includes 3 Different Type of Microscopic Blood Analysis, Blood Type & Your Health and Nutritional Counseling. 1-Day Spa Package: $325 ($75 Ionization Cleansing included)

Our special: $275.00 ( Discount - $50.00 )

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3 days SPA Package

This program gives you a gleam on all NVC SIGNATURE THERAPIES that are designed to cleanse, purify and detoxify your system. The treatments, which enable the body to release, accumulated toxins with the use of body treatments and herbalized oil cleanses the digestive, upper respiratory and elimination systems and strengthens the immune system.

1st Day: 4,5 Hour Session Includes Health Assessment, Reflexology, Colonic Irrigation and Ion Cleansing
2nd Day: 4-Hour Session Includes Lympho Drainage Massage, Colonic Irrigation and Ear Candling, Nutritional Counseling
3rd Day : 4 Hour Session Includes Colonic Irrigation, Ion Cleansing, Body Wrap and Ear Candling

3-Day Package: $1,210.00 ( Discount - $76.00 )

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