Our Prices

Microscope Analysis of vital peripheral blood  
    Blood Type & Your Health  
    Nutritional Counseling $275.00
Modern Colonic Irrigation (Colonic Hydrotherapy)  
    Chlorophyll Treatments $120.00
Reflexology (included in the colonic irrigation)  
Lympho-Drainage Massage $110.00
Ionization Cleansing $75.00
Ear Candling $47.00
Body Wrap $120.00
Juice Therapy $50.00 per day
Controlled Fasting $100.00 per day

Intense Therapies Package

For pricing and availability please email us or call (416) 975-0717.

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The various abnormal shapes of the bowel in comparison to a normal bowel
The Clearstart® Program
Nature's Tea®
Aloe Vera Gel
NONI® Juice
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