Live Cell Microscopy
and Colonic Health

A growing number of practitioners in North America are rediscovering Livecell Microscopy, a popular procedure and mainstay of preventive medicine in Europe. Live Cell Microscopy was first used in medicine for diagnosing infections. In part because of the pioneering efforts of Canadian scientist Gaston Naessens in the 1980s, Livecell Microscopy is gaining popularity, especially with naturopath and holistic doctor.

Eclipse E200POL Microscope

E200POL Microscope The Eclipse E200POL, based on Nikon's popular Eclipse E200 microscope, features a 12 volt-100 watt internal tungsten halogen illumination system that tunnels through the base to provide bright and stable diascopic Kæhler illumination. General construction parameters for the microscope center around a universal (modular) frame designed to accept attachments for advanced analytical and quantitative polarized light microscopy applications.

The microscope is outfitted with Nikon's CFI60 infinity optical system, which provides longer working distances at high numerical apertures throughout the entire magnification range. Coupled to a 200-millimeter focal-length tube lens, the microscope is capable of producing images that are crisp and clear with high contrast and a minimum of flare. CFI plan achromatic polarizing objectives are available in 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, and 100x powers. For reflected light investigations, CF Plan EPI differential interference contrast (DIC) objectives are available in the 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, and 100x powers. However, in order to employ these objectives on a standard E200 nosepiece, a 15-millimeter adapter is required.

A variety of additional accessories for Nikon's Eclipse E200POL polarizing research microscope include photomicrographic and digital imaging equipment, several eyepiece combinations, and an attachable mechanical stage. The strain-free objectives, eyepieces and the observation tubes are available with anti-mold coatings, for use in the tropics and other locations with warm and humid conditions.

For more information about microscope models please visit the Nikon Inc. website and click Nutritional Livecell Microscopy to get additional info about our methodology.

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