History of the Colonic Hydrotherapy

Chlorophyll and Colonic Irrigation In 1908 the Nobel Prize was awarded to, Ilya Metchnikoff. He was a world renowned Russian bacteriologist and director of the Louis Pasteur Institute in Paris, France, from1889 until his death in 1916.In the same year that Ilya received the Nobel Prize he wrote an important paper entitled, The nature of Man. In which llya proposed that mammale in general had rather short life spans as- compared to birds and replies. His argument was that mammals store fecal material in their large intestine, or colon. Old age, senility, and natural death he felt, could be attributed to auto-intoxification produced by a putrefactive colon microflora. Ilya Metchnikoff concluded in his writings, that in order to increase one's life expectancy, it was necessary to replace the putrefactive microflora with a healthy flora of lactic acid bacteria, particularly the lactobacilli. He cited examples of long in persons consuming milk fermented by lactobacilli. Since that time there has been an interest in lactobacilli.

The importance of consuming a dietary supplement of lactobacilli to maintain a balanced intestinal microflora has focused attention on Lactobacillus Acidophilus. Numerous published studies by noted re-search scientists, Gilliand, Draser and M.J. Hill, have shown that certain strains of this bacteria will become established person's intestinal consumption.

These researchers believe that there seems to be little doubt that a dietary supplement of intestmal lactobacilli has beneficial effects. "Current opinions seem to favor the idea that a dietary supplement of lacto-bacilli acidophilus could help ensure a proper and healthy balance of flora. In their studies, perhaps most important, is that the strains of lactobacilli consumed be able to survive the passage through the stomach so that it may colonize in the intestinal tract.

The research also suggests that the ideal situation would be to have these bacteria suspended or contained in food, which would offer the organism some protection in the stomach from digestive acids and provide the ideal nutrients in the intestine, thereby ensuring colonization. Sunrider's Vitadophilus is unique, in that each package contains approximately 1.5 billion lactobacillus acidophilus micro-organisms suspended in a delicious apple base. Thereby, fulfilling the ideal requirements for implanting healthy flora.

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