Ppp's are polymerized protein puddles. They may appear as white dots, lakes, or rivers, and are the expression of free radical activity and clogged, toxic lymphatics. 2 micron sizes are related to hypersensitivities, allergic reactions. 30 microns are related to both physical and emotional stress, physical strain. The deeper the layer, the more chronic in all conditions. 40+ microns are related to degenerative conditions. The larger the ppp's and the greater numbers, the more serious the condition.

Layered Dried Blood Analysis

Layers 1 and 2 (the largest layers) give more accuracy or are more indicative of the condition on the outside of the body; skin, lymph, eyes, ears, nose, throat, mouth, and also brain, hips and feet.
Metals may be observed as a dark ring both at the edge or slightly inside the edge ( in the earlier layers, 1, 2, 3 especially ), or as waves coming to the edge as depicted above. Free radicals scavengers and chelators are indicated. Waves indicate metals in the fatty tissues, nervous system and brain, possibly Alzheimer's, etc.

Above we see extreme metals toxicity. Notice a lighter inner ring. These are likened to a wave that fell short of the coast in that the metals were so predominant that they could not be fully centrifuged while drying ( in layers I, 2 and 3 ). The subject was undergoing i.v. chelation therapy. Metals were only observed in the subjects' samples during the course of chelation. This shows how effectively metals are drawn from the deep tissues through i.v. chelation.
Layers 3, 4, and 5 give more accuracy regarding lung, breast and hormone conditions.
Layers 6, 7, and 8 are more accurate for sex organs, kidneys, live spleen, gall bladder, pancreas, stomach, stress, allergic sensitivities.

The first or larger layers are more indicative of shallow, acute, or more temporary conditions. The deeper or smaller layers are more indicative of deeper seated, chronic, long term conditions. Round and clear ppp's are indicative of inflammation, soreness, swelling. Localized ppp's in the sample (not throughout) indicate localization of the problem in the body, rather than systemic conditions. See the rings chart for location in the body. Total disbursement of large ppp's in all rings is an expression of toxicity and advanced systemic degenerative conditions.

Rate the following on a scale of 1 to 5 Indicating Degree of Severity

1. Normal, healthy blood. Light double coast indicates minor vitamin. C and sulphur based amino acids deficiency ( l-cysteine, l-glutathione, methionine). Proanthocyanadins (grape seed extract or pine bark), quercetin, zinc, selenium, vitamin E, beta-carotene, superoxide dismutase, catalase (enzyme), all free radical scavengers, especially in combination. Trace minerals for activation of enzymes.

2. Same as #1, but more pronounced.

3. Adrenal stress profile. Negative emotion predominance, preoccupation. Inability to manage stress. Lifestyle changes are primary recommendation. Stress management through intentionally including relaxation and release cycles into lifestyle. Conflict resolution necessary? May need counseling.

Back, neck and shoulders tight, pain in lower back, curvature of spine. Holding stress. Relax compulsive stress-based sexual orientation. Harmonize sexual energy by raw food diet and/or short fast. Biofeedback, light and sound brain entrainment. Polarity plates, meditation, light exercise, time alone for contemplation, massage therapy, acupuncture (shiatsu), structural realignment/Bowen fherapy, laying on of hands. B5 250 mgs., B6 250 mgs., Vit. C 2,000 mgs. in combination at bedtime to rebuild adrenals. Cut out stimulants, coffee, ginseng, stimulating amino acids, nootropics. Live food only for stimulation. Spirulina and juice (fresh pressed only). May be depressed, aimless, listless from bum out.

4. Bowel toxicitv indicated by dark center. Pattern of 2 micron to 30 micron clusters of ppp's. 2 micron size indicative of allergic reactions, allergies. This can be either exogenous (environmental source, such as inhalants) or endogenous (digestive/metabolic disorder, deficiency) in origin. Alter diet to Include more live foods. Herbal Fiber Blend, colonic irrigations, balance the terrain, correct microbal imbalance, restore floras both systemically and to the digestive trad. Eliminate fungus.

5. White radial spokes. Mineral deficient. Poor assimilation of minerals. Trace minerals. MaqiCaL soaked almonds, vit.D3, wild yam. Possibly leaching calcium from bones as body's attempt to balance pH. Raised, lighter, elongated area in circulatory ring. Toxins in lymphatic and circulatory system. Hormonal, thyroid, parathyroid imbalance. Menses? Low minerals, pH imbalance, acid. Tendency to stomach ulcers, heartburn. Cal/mag/phos/boron. Pancreas, blood sugar.

6. Raised lighter circle. Heart and circulatory problems, possible arrhythmia, valves not seating, high triglycerides, plaque, blockages, Hypertension ( high blood pressure), varicosities, aneurysms. Magnesium supplementation for arrhythmia. Epsom salt baths if blood pressure is not elevated. See manual, dietary recommendations in the CRYSTALS section. Poor interconnection of fibrin net. Digestive, enzymatic, trace mineral insufficiency.

7. Dark fibrin ring around outside, point in coast. Amalgams, crowns, bridges, metals, bands, retainers, smog, table salt, pipe solder, machine filings, 2nd hand smoke, copper plumbing. These metals may be in fatty tissue, brain, nervous system. Direct link to Alzheimers, Parkinson's, MS. Chelation therapy, chlorella, selenium, proanthocyanadins, detox, fast, remove fillings (use an expert, only), metals from mouth.

Muscles sore, flabbier, losing strength, muddled/slower/forgetful thinking, fatigue, gums sore/ bleeding, tooth abscesses, root canals, colloid thecits, chondro thecits, bacterial forms. Use colloidal silver for mouthwash. Remove metals, then 1 1/2% peroxide daily as mouthwash. DMSO/silver combo on gums. Hyperoxygenation therapies. Black bulges - parasites, B-12/folic deficiency, vit. A/vit.E deficiency or absorption problem, can't gain or losing weight.

8. Same as #7. Also double coast, same as #1, and need exercise for circulation and sweating, saunas, hot tubs to open up skin. Skin ring.

9. Sialic acid beads in ppp's. Aspergillus related conditions. Connective tissue disorders, arthritis, rheumatism, lung, fungus, tuberculin disorders, uric acid crystals, undigested animal protein accumulations, gout, bacteria, sore joints, toxins in connective tissues, fibromyalgia, lupus. Degenerative disease indications, free radical activity, toxicity. Metastasic cancer. Suggest allopathic testing referral. The larger the lakes, the more advanced. C shaped lakes, include #7 reading.

10. Third ring in, lung and breast problems. Congestion lymph, cough, asthma, emphysema, smoker or second hand smoke.

Breasts tender, sore, hormonal imbalance, fibroids, cysts, lumps, cysts, implants, possible implant leakage. If in first layer, hormone imbalance from menses.

11. Off centered, 1 or 2 large ppp's. Weak kidney, spleen, bladder combination. Gall bladder or stones. Liver detoxing, stressed, plugged, inflamed. Stomach ulcers, gas, bloating, rumbling. Constipation, toxic colon, colitis, diverticulosis, diverticulitis, impaction, possible tumors. A number of small dots off center is impacted colon pockets, constipation, impaction. Colon hydro-therapy and Herbal Fiber Blend.

When on center, for men this indicates prostate enlargement and possibly difficult urination. For women this can indicate uterine/ovarian conditions, possible hysterectomy, fibroids, bleeding, vaginal conditions, and hormonal imbalances. Note the parasite/fungus/toxin inclusions in fibrin web. All of these indications go together.

12. Curved, elongated fibrin strands. Back, neck, shoulders pinched, numb, tense, stiff, spinal curvature/Whiplash. Check the rest of the sample to assure that there are not artifacts on the slide, such as fibers and lint, etc. This is an unexplained, yet consistent anomaly.

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